SBI Winners™ Launches Its New 'Heavenly Headphones' Collection

CLEVELAND, OH – SBI Winners™ today announced the launch of its new Collection of headphones.  This new Headphones Collection, named 'Heavenly Headphones', will be the primary focus of sales for the U.S.-based company.

We've seen that our headphones, when they were primarily under accessories, were the thing for which people had the most enthusiasm,” said a spokesperson for SBI Winners™, “So, customer and business-wise, it made simple sense to scale that enthusiasm to and focus that enthusiasm onto its own product line.

The move was a change in business direction for SBI Winners™, prompted by the success of its 'I Am a Winner' monthly video contest where they give away a pair of high-end headphones to the contestant who accumulates the most contest points.

The new headphones Collection includes studio headphones, gaming headphones, silent party headphones, Bluetooth® phone headphones, and more.

You will be able to see the full headphones Collection HERE.

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About SBI Winners™

SBI Winners™ is the Winning online retailer for headphones, along with other Winning products like elegant jewelry, powerful electronics, accessories, and more. Winners aren't born. Like rare jewels, fine art, and high-end clothing, they're crafted through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. With SBI Winners™, we give you a virtually un...  READ MORE…

SBI Winners™ is a privately company headquartered in Ohio, U.S.A.



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