How One Wonderful, Inspiring, Formerly Disabled Woman Wins On a Daily Basis

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Annika Reid - SBI Winners' 'I Am a Winner' Video Contest Winner #1

Football games.  Track and Field.  Basketball games.  Politics.  What do all of these have in common?  They're all humongous event platforms where individuals can showcase their highly-honed skills and other prowess.

They train vigorously day in and day out to be the best.  This is why too many times 'Winning' is only assigned to the individual who scores the most points, or who crosses the finish line first, or who gets the most votes.  However...

...there are other types of Winning, too.

Introducing our 'I Am a Winner' Video Contest #1 Winner: Annika Reid from the United Kingdom. She won a pair of our amazing ZEALOT® B19 Bluetooth® wireless stereo headphones, with micro-SD card slot and FM radio capability, by earning 91 points in our inaugural contest.

With triumph over tragedy, take a listen below to her beautiful story of what makes her a Winner and see why every Winning award isn't earned on a public battlefield.



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