Welcome to the 2019 #GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™!

Welcome, 2019 Graduating Greeks and Friends!  We are pleased to be again sponsoring the National Greek Awards' #GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™ Photo Contest.

Attending college is fun and sometimes difficult.  Collegians make lifelong friends and even join organizations, many times Greek-letter organizations.  However...

...becoming a member of and participating in Greek Life and graduating from college?  The two together are sheer feats of will and perseverance, and, for that, we not only applaud all of you, but...

#GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™, Sponsored by SBI Winners™

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REMEMBER: All individual discount codes to honor this year's contest are only good until May 31, 2019, so, like Disney's Cinderella®, be sure to use them before midnight that night or it disappears!

Here is the video feature for last year's winner:



    To all #GraduatingGreeks Feature Week™ Finalists: Good luck on potentially being selected as this year's Winner and congratulations on accomplishing something fantastic!